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What I bring to your table.

Grow a profitable, sustainable business

Why Work with Business Coach Jo O’Riordan

  • I am a busy ambitious Mumpreneur who is super determined to make a big impact on helping women just like you have the life you really desire and a business that thrives. I understand the challenges of growing a family and a business and it’s not always easy but it is possible. I get you, support you and empower you.
  • I have 17 years of sales, marketing, leadership & business development experience.
  • In my experience as a Sales leader, I have helped SMEs, start-ups & National companies build their client base & sales from zero to 5,6 & 7 figures.
  • I am result driven. Your amazing results and success are my success, It’s a win-win situation!
  • Qualified Coach: Personal, Executive, and leadership Coaching Diploma (Kingston College, 2020)
  • I have been coached & mentored by the best and this will be continuous, an essential part of my growth & of my clients.
  • Highly invested in continuous learning in personal & business development. I have proven tools and strategies to help you with this growth.
  • I genuinely care about you, my values both personal and business are integrity, compassion freedom, growth & determination.

I get you, I support you and empower you. I genuinely care about you.

– Jo O’Riordan

Work with Business Mentor & Coach Jo O'Riordan

Work with Me

Are you ready to step up and take your life to the next level?
The change starts with you!
I am here to facilitate your journey and to provide the framework you need to make profound changes that will empower you to create a successful business that serves you on all levels.
Coaching is a powerful collaborative tool that can unlock the potential in you and your business to achieve transformations that will affect every aspect of your professional and personal life.
Each 121 programme I work on is tailored to suit the individual’s needs as success means something different to everyone. By taking an inside/out approach we can find the right mindset, strategy, and systems that will allow you to rise up and achieve all you truly want.


1-2-1 the VIP

Coaching & Mentoring Programme designed for Female Founders and Business owners.

Your ultimate personal and business development journey. For action takers, ready for the big shift and committed to making it happen.
I provide you with a safe and motivating online space for you to work on you and your business. That is the key here we are working “on it” not in it. So, you can actually have that space for you to gain clarity and confidence to succeed in anything you desire.
I facilitate your personal and business growth journey & help you to create a strategy to reach your goals so you get the results that you really want.
But first – we BOOK A FREE DISCOVERY CALL– 30 min call to see if I am the
coach for you and if you are the right client for this programme.

From there what your journey will look like:

  • We start with a 90-min deep-dive personal & business coaching session.
  • Personalised workbook for this journey.
  • Unblock, unlock, unleash! Clear away what has been holding you back.
  • Improved confidence and happiness – get back in the driving seat.
  • Make decisions that serve you and your business better.
  • Business growth – idea generation and implementation.
  • Business mentoring – accountability and action check-ins (WhatsApp & email).
  • The Passion to Profit method – bespoke to you.
  • Weekly or fortnightly 1-hour Zooms. Max 3 per month.

I help you to create a strategy so you get the results you really want.

– Jo O’Riordan